Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an open-world, crime-filled video game based in San Francisco. In this game, the player assumes the role of a criminal mastermind who aims to steal the infamous diamond from the city’s biggest diamond dealer. However, instead of simply robbing the jeweler, the player also steals the plans for the next heist from the city, thus starting the heist spree.

The plot of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas revolves around a fictionalized version of what happens after the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The game begins two years after the events of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City, wherein the player has taken up a second job as the head of security for a rich family. His main task is to protect the heirloom diamond called the ‘Furstenitaire Diamond’, which is owned by the greedy family. The family has hired bodyguards, including three trucks (the aforementioned truck, the van, and the limo) which they use to protect the diamond at all times. Unfortunately, they never show up when they are supposed to, leaving the diamond unprotected. As a result, two undercover agents of the San Andreas Police Department penetrate the premises and steal the gem.

Two years later, the family learns that the precious gem has been stolen. Using hidden cameras, surveillance devices, and mobile phones, the police department tracks down the members of the ‘Gangs’ that were hired to protect the diamond. One member of the gang is killed during the course of the game. Later on, another member of the gang murders the new detective, prompting the game’s protagonist, the player, to go after the remaining suspects. This time, the player utilizes stealth to sneak around the location, instead of killing the target. Eventually, all of them are caught and put in prison, though one escapes back to Liberty City, using a different escape route.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas takes a different angle than previous installments. Unlike previous games, in which the storyline is set in an already established world, San Andreas is a game set in a mysterious and futuristic version of San Francisco. This means that even though there are plenty of recognizable landmarks in the background, it would still be greatly enjoyable to take a different route when venturing into the city. The first part of the game involves recovering stolen cars from the surrounding streets. This is done through a number of car theft missions, which are quite fun due to the various approaches used to accomplish this goal.

The storyline also includes investigating a series of kidnappings, which are somehow connected to the various gangs in San Andreas. In all honesty, the storyline might become repetitive as well, but then again, it is quite unique compared to other video games. Although there are a number of side missions and other activities to finish as well, the emphasis remains on the core activities, which include car theft. That is why the game never goes stale, as each mission offers something new and interesting to try and complete.

For anyone familiar with previous games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, the storyline will be quite familiar. The game puts an emphasis on a group of criminal organizations, including the ones from previous games. The main characters are again to do battle against the system, although there are new faces this time around. Some of the main players are introduced as well, to give players a feel for how the whole story is progressing. It is easy to forget about previous games as the storyline progresses since you have to struggle not only against the gang members but against the environment as well.

A new element this time around is the system of car-to-car crime. The player has a certain amount of time to steal from a target’s car before they are caught and forced to leave. This time-limited action is combined with street fights and shootouts with the gang members. You have to find the cars, which are often left destroyed after the fight, in order to either help the protagonist escape or take out the gang leader.

Although there are still car-to-car combat activities, Los Santos is now more diverse than before. There are also many different areas to explore, as well as new activities involving helicopters and jet skis. The scenery is quite realistic, which gives Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas a satisfying gaming experience, even though it still hasn’t reached the same level of sophistication as the previous two titles. The visuals are still not as detailed as previous games, but that does not mean that the overall game experience is bad, rather it just means that the game needs a bit more development.

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