35 Faith Affirmations

1. “The faith I have in myself allows me to be successful.”

2. “I listen to the divine guidance I am given.”

3. “My faith propels me to meet my goals.”

4. “My faith in God sets me free from all worry, anxiety and doubt”

5. “My faith dictates my great lifestyle.“
6. “I feel whole and healed.”

7. “I may fail, but I am not a failure.”

8. “God helps me to do what I believe is not possible.”

9. “ I have faith and I take action.”

10. “I walk by faith and not by sight.”
11. “My faith will not let me experience defeat.”

12. “God is with me always.”

13. “I am blessed with the power to create change.”

14. “I have faith in my confidence and confidence in my faith.”

15. “My faith is my saviour.”
16. “I shall be glorified with my faith.”

17. “I do everything with an attitude of excellence.”

18. “God has a plan for me.”

19. “I let go of the past and have faith in the future.”

20. “I am moving in the right direction.”
21. ” I am ever increasing in wisdom and knowledge.”

22. “The universe naturally takes care of me and my needs.”

23. “My faith lifts me above my fears.”

24. “Above all, I have faith in myself.”

25. “Faith is the origin of my success.”
26. “Faith is my natural state of mind.”

27. “I pray for and take action towards my goals and destiny.”

28. “I believe in myself and my ability to achieve great results.”

29. “Through my faith, I can move mountains.”

30. “My steps are planned, and I trust the Lord.”
31. “I was made for a special purpose.”

32. “All my actions, thoughts and words are guided by a divine power.”

33. “My faith increases with each breath.”

34. “Faith is awakened in me now.”

35. “I have faith in my ability to achieve greatness.“

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