35 Self Love Affirmations

1. “I am exactly who I need to be in this moment.”

2. “I respect myself.”

3. “I am valued.”

4. “I let go of negative self talk.”

5. “Love flows from within me.”
6. “I choose to stop apologizing for being me.”

7. “I believe in myself.”

8. “I am growing each and every day.”

9. “I honor and respect my limitations.”

10. “I prioritize myself and my needs.”
11. “I am enough.”

12. “I am kind to myself.”

13. “I allow myself to feel deeply.”

14. “I treat my body with love and care.”

15. “I am successful.”
16. “My life is a reflection of the love inside me.”

17. “I am capable of reaching my goals.”

18. “I have always and will always try my best.”

19. “I am not my mistakes or my flaws.”

20. “I embrace my unique individuality.”
21. “I am the healer of my own life.”

22. “I am worthy of love.”

23. “I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”

24. “I trust my intuition.”

25. “I accept myself unconditionally.”
26. “The more I practice loving myself, the more lovable I become.”

27. “I deserve happiness.”

28. “I release any need for suffering.”

29. “The only approval I need is my own.”

30. “I make time to care for myself.”
31. “I practice self-compassion when I do not succeed.”

32. “I respect my own boundaries.”

33. “I love every part of what makes me who I am.”

34. “I have the power to change my world.”

35. “I forgive myself and learn from my mistakes.”

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